For many years Fedora infrastructure has been running a asterisk server. This allows contributors to talk to each other, or send voice mails, etc.

However, it gets very very little usage and also has no one really maintaining it or fixing issues with it. In the last 130days there have been a total of 95 calls using the server. There are a number of outstanding infrastructure tickets on the service that no one has dealt with. The server running it is running an outdated OS version and asterisk version.

So, we are going to retire the service on 2011-05-05.

Now, some of you might say: “But I want to use it! what can I do to save it?”

First, as it is now, it’s a waste of a server instance to run something 24×7 that only processes 1 call every few days. Any plan to continue the service would HAVE to include some way to increase usage of the service to make it worth doing. There would also need to be a group of folks who would help fix issues, enhance the service, help with updates and so on. A single interested person would be a single point of failure. If such a group forms and has a plan, please bring it to the infrastructure list/meetings.