We have had a recent unfortunate string of pet health issues here. ;(

  1. Winter the kitty: Losing weight. Bloodwork was fine. x-rays fine. We insist on a ultrasound and they find that she has lymphoma. Luckily it’s the “best” kind and means it should hopefully be treatable by a steroid and some low level oral chemo drug. She might well live out her natural span.
  2. Legolas (legs) the greyhound. Limping and having trouble getting around. x-rays fine. Bloodwork fine. On to the MRI. This shows that his old racing injury on his spine is pressing on his spinal colum causing problems. Spinal surgery (including 6 days in the hospital recovering). Happily he’s doing well and prognosis is good. Just need to keep him from falling for a few more weeks and then he can do stairs again and go on (short) walks.
  3. Merlin the greyhound. Not eating. Vomiting. Really bad D. Bloodwork ok except he was dehydrated. Started on IV fluids and antibiotics. Still not getting any better, refusing all food. More x-rays. Nothing. Finally a ultrasound finds that he has a thymoma thats pressing on his esophogus, causing him to be unable to eat. Currently he’s in the hospital where they are trying to get enough food in him so he gets enough strength back to do a surgery and remove the thymoma. Prognosis is unknown. If he can get enough energy, and the thymoma is well defined they can remove it all and he will be good, but not sure either of those will happen.

So, hug your cats and dogs and be happy when they are healthy. 😉