Just a quick report (I need to get a little sleep before sessions start tomorrow) on Fudcon day -1. 😉

I had a reasonably nice flight and travel through the airport. The security guard checking tickets asked me both “Whats the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” and “whats the answer to life the universe and everything?”. He seemed to be at the end of his shift and very merry. On the flight they gave us all hot chocolate chip cookies, which was a nice touch. 😉

After a nice lunch with my sister on arriving (at a place called “Carlsbad Tavern”), I got to the hotel and checked in. The hospitality suite was in full swing and I munched on pizza and beer (courtesy of opensource.com, who are celebrating their 1st anniversary!). After that I had many many conversations with various folks, ending with a long chat with Adam Williamson and Peter Robenson (and others). Good stuff.

Tomorrow things start bright and early, so time to catch a few winks. 😉