Another full day here at Fudcon.

Fudpub was great fun, but left me with not much sleep by the time sunday morning rolled around. Still, I made it over to the venue right around time to snag a bagel and coffee and head into the my first session of the day: 10 fun yum tips and application streams. Lots of good info there, but I mostly already knew all of it. 🙂 Was still nice to see the questions and some ah-ha’s from people around the yum tips.

Next I spent an hour in the IP law presentation. Again lots of good background info of things that Open source tech types need. I skipped out on this to go to spot’s “Next big thing in Fedora Infrastructure”. Lots of interesting pitches. I voted for almost all of them, they would all be great. We will see which ones show up soon.

For lunch I went to a 5 guys burger nearby with Rex Dieter and Stephen Parrish. Good burger and good conversation.

After lunch was a bunch of lightning talks. Again interesting items. Mel’s presentation on The Dreyfus Model was fun and entertaining. I was impressed how far the eclipse plugin for dealing with Fedora packages had gotten. It should be nice for new contributors. Seth’s idea of a jabber server to track peoples day to day events was interesting as well.

Right around the time of the lightning talks, the Xfce folks released 4.8.1 versions of several components. I got those all updated in rawhide, as well as a new version of midori (0.3.0). Also, more excitingly, the nasty anoying Terminal bug that caused it to eat cpu and grow in memory got fixed. I pushed a patch into the rawhide version that fixes it for me, so all you folks who switched to other Terminals can go back to using Xfce’s Terminal again.

After those, everyone split up into hackfests. I ended up going with a group of people working on governance in Fedora. Should we revamp how things are setup, or at least clarify what each of the various parts work with and report to. We did degress a few times, but then we managed to get some good progress toward the end. Hopefully we can work more on that tomorrow and see if we can have something we can ask folks for feedback on by the end of Fudcon. After that session, I just wandered back to the hotel and grabbed some quick food. Going to try and get some good rest for tomorrow.

Up tomorrow: Would be nice to finish the Fedora Governance stuff, would be great to work on EPEL wiki pages too, before having to head to the airport and head back to Colorado just in time for a snowstorm. ;(