Today started way too early (after going to sleep late). Breakfast was in the hotel food area. I had a nice chat with Dave Malcolm about python and packages and so forth, then off to the main event.

Lots of folks in the main opening talk. Lots and lots of barcamp pitches. Max wearing not one, but _two_ silly hats. A nice “state of Fedora” from Jared. Then over to the barcamp area where I had a nice chat with jlaska about AutoQA. I wish we had a better way to get people involved there, but it’s hard. I suggested a few new tests and suggested it might be easier to get folks interested once some of the tests are actually active.

Then LUNCH! A nice sandwitch while chatting with more folks.

After lunch was the “Furture of Fedora” and “Reducing Bureaucracy” combined talk. Jared showed the Board’s list of 15 items and discussion was raised on serveral of the items and related topics. I’m not sure how much concrete was really accomplished, as people seemed more interested in specific tactics to accomplish or meet the goal, rather than the list of goals themselves. Hopefully the Board will narrow things down and we can focus on trying to meet 1-3 specific goals soon.

Next in the same room was the excellent Mike Mcgrath talking about a new cloud setup project which he could demo, but not name. 😉 There was much discussion of cloud issues and cloud computing and how Fedora could fit into this new world. Lots of things to think about, but all the tech seems so new and blazing it’s own trail.

Finally I headed to another room for the “Future of spins” talk. Jared led things with a description of where we are and a bit of history, then if we still think spins are a good idea and what for, and finally only in the last few minutes leading to discussion of solutions. I think there was agreement that the spins wrangler or lead or czar or whatever should have the ability to deny spins for failing a variety of participation in maintaining and building and supporting their spin. Christoph said he would be willing to be that person, but he’s already very busy, so I hold out some hope we could find someone else interested in the process to manage things. I’m wondering if we need some completely new setup. Have a list of criteria for entry into the spins-kickstarts package, additional criteria if you wish to have your spin composed by rel-eng, and if we shouldn’t have the non-desktop spins on a different release schedule from the desktop ones. Lots of things still to be determined here, so hopefully we can hash something out before the end of this fudcon.

The afternoon of sessions ended with some more talking (and listening) to folks in the hall. Lots of good info and amusing stories.

Now it’s almost time to head out for FudPub, which should be a great time as always.