I managed to put my phone cable upstairs under some things and it took me a while to locate it, so these pictures are a bit later than normal.

Last weekend of Faire was supposed to be the end of July, but due to the rain weekend, they extended it another weekend.
That was great, as it allowed me a final chance to get out there this year. 🙂 All the usual greyhound booth friends were there. Hopefully I can stay in touch with them over the winter better this time than I did last year. Probibly the last weekend in Aug is looking likely for my annual post faire BBQ.

Merlin says: “Dad! weren’t we through with this thing?”

Merlin gives the look.

T shows that Dazzle is a lap dog too:

Dazzle and T and me in the background

Working the crowds:


Sabrina doesn’t seem to mind Merlin putting his leg on her head:

Merlin and Sabrina

Thats all till next year! 🙂