In an effort to catch back up on pictures before I leave town again, here’s some pictures from the weekend of the 15th and 16th out at faire.
It was hot. Hot hot hot. We were doing ok on donations, then someone came and dropped 2 c-notes in the jar. That was a very good day. 😉

Another lap dog was out:

lap dog

Some relaxing pups. Merlin got the good spot in the corner again:

relaxing pups

Nice ears Mr Byron:

byron and kurt

Do I have to wear this silly collar to walk in the parade?

Callista in jester collar

Merlin says: “Yeah, they insist on these silly things when we walk in the parade”

Merlin in jester collar

Cool coat to the rescue:

Cool coat on Byron

This is an ok pillow:

resting hounds

Ah, the perfect place for my paw:

Resting doggies

A cute resting Dazzle:


Guinevere, don’t look up, I’m above you with a kilt. 🙂

Kevin, Merin and Guinevere

Dazzle decides to go thru someone again: