Another weekend at faire.

Saturday started out very poorly. Some moron in my neighborhood decided they needed to test out their fireworks at around 8am as we were trying to get ready to go. This of course freaked out kurt and caused him to not want to go out before we left. About half way down to the faire, kurt decided he couldn’t hold in the explosive D that he was feeling, and let it out in the car. Fragrant and messy. I managed to clean up a fair bit of it once we parked at the faire, but it was very un-fun. Saturday was also kurt’s birthday (he’s 9). Luckily the rest of the day went much nicer for everyone.

Sunday was less eventfull and more easy going. It rained quite a bit Sunday afternoon, but that did keep things cool. I managed to listen to almost a full set from Celtic Legacy, and part of one from Wirlyjig. Merlin and I walked in the parade too.

Next weekend (on friday at least) I’m going to be camping down at the campground near faire. That should be fun.
Pretty cool that they have wireless there, so I should be able to work friday from down there.

Pictures up later.