Well, it was a lovely weekend. Friday’s trip south was pretty uneventfull. We got checked in at 10k waves just fine. They were all very very nice folks there, it was a lovely spot. There were celing fans to terrify kurt, but he handled them better than he has in the past. After getting all checked in and unloaded we decided to make someone deliver food to us and had a nice late mexican food dinner.
Saturday we loafed around and killed time until the wedding. The wedding was at hyde park lodge and was lovely. It did start to rain, but there was enough cover than everyone could stay out of it. Lots and lots of yummy things to drink at the fully stocked bar. Very yummy dinner as well. It was really nice to see some folks that I haven’t seen in many years and catch up. I helped break down the bar and we wandered back to the room to hang out the rest of the night.
Sunday was packing up and a brunch in santa fe before heading back north. The place we went let us sit outside and have the dogs there with us, which was nice. The trip back was long, but not nearly as bad as if it had been all the way from Cruces.

Will try and catch up on my picture post backlog in the next few days…

This week is gonna be busy too:

  • Tonight: GURPS game
  • Tomorrow or Wed night: going up to Nutt to see puppies and see who I am going to foster next
  • Sometime: meet with my dog/cat/house sitter to get her a key and all setup
  • Thursday: fly to phx to visit my friend C and then go on our family vacation to the grand canyon
  • Friday: hang out with C
  • Saturday: go to my sisters house and then up to Williams, AZ
  • Sunday: Grand Canyon train trip and back to Williams for the night
  • Monday: fly home.