The Taylor clan:

Taylor clan

Flash flood! Run for your life!
(The ground basically got so saturated that it couldn’t hold any more water)


Despite the rain, the hounds sure know how to relax:
(Note Zuca at top left. She sure likes T. 🙂

Resting hounds

SUPER Kurt and Merlin:

Kurt and Merlin

Those holding steak on a stake are sure popular at the booth:

Steak on a Stake is popular

Micaih: how can this be comfortable?


Up close and personal with Merlin:

Merlin up close

Arigorn is a handsome boy:

Handsome brindle boy

Legolas is a lap dog:


Dazzle cuddling up with T and wrapped in his cloak:

Dazzle snuggling

Legolas thinks its time for a head in lap nap:

Legolas napping