I just talked a while ago with J from the greyhound group I foster with. They have a lot of possibilities for me for getting back into fostering.
There are some shy female hounds that could use a quiet home to gain some confidence. There’s a number of more “normal” hounds waiting for fosters. Finally they are going to be getting 3 3month old puppies in.

I have only fostered a greyhound puppy once. She was really difficult and I swore I couldn’t deal with puppies again. However, I found out today that she was also the most difficult foster puppy that the head of the group ever had too, and that it turns out that she had a pinched spine which was making her hurt and also be unable to control her bladder. So, a normal insane puppy would be easier by all accounts. I’m shocked to admit I am thinking about it.
Hopefully I will come to my senses.