Whew. What a wet and busy weekend. 😉

Friday morning I frantically packed things up and tried not to forget anything for camping/faire. Got down to the campground around noon, just in time to setup lunch and my tent and x-pen. The wireless worked great at the campground, but the area we were in was very glare-y, and it was almost impossible to read my laptop screen in the afternoon. Around 3pm the clouds rolled in and it started to rain. Except for some small breaks, it never let up. We spent friday night in T’s nice big tent space chatting and telling stories and drinking. Kurt and Merlin were not happy to be hanging out in my tent… especially with all the thunder and rain. Merlin managed to make a hole in my door.

The rain continued thru the night. There was quite a bit of water flowing under my tent, but we managed to stay dry on top of dog beds and foam pads.
In the morning the condensation or perhaps water from around some seams started dripping on me, which wasn’t much fun. Got up nice and early and took a hot shower and got into my kilt. The shower was nice, but man are the showers small. I kept hitting the temp lever with my elbow and getting a shocking cold burst. Saturday at faire was fun, but also rainy. My house guests D and J and their kids V and D came out to faire and since it was so slow and we had a lot of people on hand, we got to wander the faire and chat. There were more people there than I would have thought, but still pretty light crowds. D and J decided to stay around Saturday night and leave sunday, so I went back and packed up my tent and headed back home Saturday night. We went out for a nice dinner and had beers and got some good conversation in.

Sunday started far too early. I promised T that I would head down and help them break down camp, so I was up at 6am and heading out the door by 7.
Breaking down the camp was taking a while. We had a number of folks and tents. I helped out as much as I could, until around 9:20 or so I went up to faire to open the booth for the day. The parking lot was a fun mud bog. I had to put my urban into 4wd mode to get into the spot they wanted me to.
Got the booth opened and greeted our AM folks. Even less people out on sunday. It seemed colder and I think the ground got saturated, so it was all running off. Folks from camp made it in later in the morning. They had had a rough time breaking down the rest of camp in the rain. In the afternoon, our AM folk headed home and just a few of us were left at the booth. Then, D called from castle rock. They were heading south and their jeep totally died on I25. They got it towed to the dealer (which isn’t open on sunday) and needed a lift. Since I was the last one there with dogs, we decided to close the booth up and call it a day. There wasn’t too many people around, and staying open wouldn’t have helped out much. Got D and J picked up and taken home. They took me out for Sushi and PiratesII, which was very nice. 😉

Now, to recover from my weekend. 😉 Pictures up later.