Twas a busy weekend. Saturday was out to faire for opening and hanging out there until about 2pm. It was the usual suspects manning the booth. Was nice to see all the pups and their people. 🙂 Got talked into subfostering next weekend for someone going out of town. That should help me know if I am ready for full time fostering stuff yet or not. At 2pm, I headed back home and met up with my friend C and his girl. They were in town for a reunion and got to visit with me some when they weren’t doing reuinon stuff. After pondering a bit we went out to the hibatchi place on 104th. Very nice. Good food, sushi, and a guy waving knives around and causing gigantic bursts of flame. 🙂 Then, back home to watch a movie (american beauty, since C had never seen it. ).

Sunday was another faire day, except sunday I was out all day. The weather was perfect. 70’s and overcast for most of the day. Merlin was being very bouncy, so I took him in the parade. He did spins at the first part of the walk he was so happy. Walking that deathmarch with my chainmail on was pretty tiring, but in a very good way. After faire I headed home and got the pups fed and such. C and girl got held up in traffic, and we didn’t end up going for food until very late, but it was still fun to chat with them some more.

Now it’s monday and time for working, then dropping C at the airport.
(OH, pictures up later today/tomorrow hopefully)