This weekend was Bazcamp weekend. Pretty delightfull time. I wandered up there friday evening, getting there just in time for the last bits of dinner. There was wireless, there was lovely outdoor setting, there was lake, there was movies from a projector. All in all a nice time. I was worried that Twyla wouldn’t be up for it, but she had a nice time getting attention from people there, and then later cuddling up with me in the back of the urban to sleep (I put a futon in there, so me and the dogs were cozy).
Saturday was going to be a scorcher, so I headed back home pretty early. I didn’t mean to, but managed to take a nap saturday afternoon.
Then, I headed back to camp in time for dinner saturday night. Very nice dinner… quite yummy pasta and bread.
Saturday night had more movies and geeking and then I wandered home to get back to the pups.

I took a few pictures, will try and get them up tomorrow…