It was a pretty Brindle day out at faire saturday:


Kurt was looking forward to a nice day sleeping in the hay, or hiding behind the counter and sleeping:


Sabrina was ready for the public:


Iris and Rose stopped by to say hi:

Iris and Rose

I managed to drag kurt into the front of the booth for a while.

me and kurt

S and C were ready for the public too:

S and C

Dazzle wasted no time getting close to the patrons:


Merlin (this months winner of the contest) was ready to look for flys and food:

Merlin looking intense

Calista got into the dressing up thing:

Callista and horns

Dazzle is sure cute. She was giving me kisses all day long:

Dazzle looking cute

Kurt even tried to lay down and relax… In front of the counter!


Hey! A non brindle hound!? Whats she doing here? 🙂

Cami in with the brindles

Finally kurt gets to hide in his spot behind the counter.


Even Dazzle took a little nap:

Dazzle napping

A Collection of sleeping brindles:

sleeping brindles

I’ll post Sunday pictures tomorrow…