Colorado Greyhound Adoption was running a booth out at Thorntonfest this year, and I thought it would be a nice chance to get Twyla out and soak up some loving. 🙂

We managed to get there a few minutes late (We were supposed to be there at 10am) and after a quick stop at the Recycled Racers booth to chat and visit we managed to find the CGA booth. There didn’t seem to be anyone there, although everything was setup, so we dived right in. Luckily more folks showed up in quick order. It was a mini-reunion for the folks that work out at the Ren Faire. 🙂

S and T with Dazzle and Sabrina working the crowd:

working the crowd

At some points we had a pretty good pile of hounds all cramming into the shade (it was hot!):


Happy hound:

happy hound and baby

My god, it’s full of brindles!


Isn’t Dazzle just the cutest hound?


Kurt really likes Dazzle. She was giving him kisses.


Merlin is looking fine…

Merlin sleeping

Twyla found that you could lay under the table, and there was shade and no one stepping on you…

Twyla sleeping

…and if someone walked by there you could jump up and get petting:

Twyla the table troll.

Up later tonight: Pics from the CGC picnic up in fort collins.