Today was the Colorado Greyhound Companions annual picnic.
I was worried that it would be super hot and nasty out today, but while warm it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, wince there was cloud cover and some nice wind.

I saw at least 3 dogs that had been fosters of mine in the past. It’s always cool to see them again, nice and happy… they all remembered me too, which is cool. They really have good memories of that kind of thing. 🙂

They reserved a baseball field so we could do some ‘fun runs’. They lined up dogs being held on one side and then released them to go to their owners. Merlin managed to win his age group (7-9) at 11seconds and then won the all around (in that case he “interfered” with some of the other dogs and his time was’t that great… but he had fun at least).

Merlin was glad to see people he knew…


Dublin, a former foster of mine looking cool in his doggles (he has pannus):


Distant shot of the ‘fun run’. I think this was the 1-3yr old group running:

Fun run

And there off!


Merlin won a stylish flower and lei…

Merlin in the winners circle

Pat Jones was retiring from being president and driving force for the group for the last 13 years.
They presented her with a picture of her first greyhound with the names of all the greyhounds that found homes while she was running the group. She’s really a wonderfull person, and I hope she enjoys retirement.


A pic of tiny. The smallest greyhound there… 39lbs and 10.5 years old. Hope to see you out there more tiny! 😉