Some more pictures from the last few days…

Merlin relaxing:

Merlin relaxing

But Twyla really knows how to relax:

Twyla relaxing

Close up of Twyla’s spotted tummy:

Twylas spotted tummy

Merlin out standing in his field:

Merlin standing

Kurt out in the yard. I’m amazed at how grey his face has gotten. He’s almost 9 now. I have had him for 5 years now.


There was this weird pile of ants in the yard today. They seem to do this kind of thing every once in a while.
I sure hate ants. 🙁


Twyla looking coy and Merlin looking away:

Twyla and Merlin

I picked up this dog bed off ebay. It was made by Victoria Peak. I have another one that is pretty much the favorate bed of all the dogs. This one was a “blemished” one and at about 1/2 cost. It’s in great shape thought.
It’s pretty impressive how they pack these:

Bed in a box

Bed unpacked next to the box:

Bed and Box

And in use:

Bed in use