Friday was St Patricks day (or as someone I know has called it: “National Bar Overcrowding day”), so of course I got invited by my friend A to go out to a bar and see a band play. 🙂

The bar was the D-Note down in arvada. Really nice place. I will have to see about getting down there more often. It’s about 30min or so drive from here, but it had nice atmosphere, and it looked like good pizza. They also had this set of lamps that were very very cool: They were like a dragons egg that had opened up and the light was inside. Sort of leathery and very neat. They also had black and tans on special ($4). They apparently have a celtic night every thursday. Thursdays are bad, but something to keep in mind for down the road.

The band was Angus Mohr. They were a hoot! Picture this: 4 guys in the band. 3 of them were older (50’s?) guys wearing kilts and looking pretty normal. The 4th guy was a young, skinny, goth. He had a leather kilt (in black) and was wearing black and red with long black hair and pale face. The three older guys played drums, bass and vocals, and gitar. The 4th guy played: bagpipes, pennywhistle, recorder, sax, hammod organ, synth, gitar, and did vocals. A typical segment of the first set had them playing: A fast reel with lots of pipes and people dancing, then wish you were here (Pink Floyd), All Along the Watch Tower, Broadsword (Jethro Tull), another reel/irish instermental thing, Ring of fire (Johnny Cash). They were quite fun. They played a fair bit of Dylan too (tangled up in blue).
I’d see them again, they were fun.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that Angus Mohr also made heavy use of a fog machine. It was pretty funny. Also, come to mention fog, the d-note was a non smoking bar. The only fog was from the fog machine. 🙂