Well, the movers showed up around 9am this morning. They were very nice guys. They had no problem moving the old fridge, washer, dryer out to the garage.
They got everything unloaded and loaded into the house without too much incident.

One little problem however cropped up. The new fridge won’t fit. It needs about 1″ of width to fit in the right place in the kitchen. 🙁
Very anoying.

Looks like my options are:

1. just buy another fridge and have them haul this very nice one away.

2. have someone rip out some of the counter/cabinet so that there is 1″ more room.

3. Just rip apart the kitchen and use this as an excuse to replace the counters (which I hate) and the cabinets (which are just sorta there).

The jury is still out on which of these will happen. For now the fridge is off to the side of the kitchen in the way and being anoying.