Got a fair bit of unpacking done this weekend. Got all the boxes of kitchen stuff unpacked and (mostly) put away.
Still have to figure out where I can put a few things, but overall it doesn’t look too bad.
Unpacked a few boxes of books, only about 10 more to go. 🙂

On saturday I went down to a meet and greet. It was fun. Got to meet the new pup of a friend of mine.
She’s sure a cute little girl. Kept trying to give me kisses (not that I minded).

Today I unpacked the drives I got last week and attempted to set them up in my mp3/dvd box.
All kinds of minor annoyances, but I managed to get it all working. 1.6T of space. Will be nice.
I need to still copy the data off my old drives. Not sure if I will break my raid and pull one drive out and put each old drive in long enough to copy, or
get an external enclosure and use that, or put them in my test machine and just copy over the net.
I do need to do that soon, so I have my music and movies and backups all back.