Things have been nice and busy so I have been a slacker about updating.
I need to get in the habbit of taking a few pictures every day. When I do that I find I get better at taking them in general…

Looks like the movers with my dad’s stuff are planning on being here between 8 and 10am tomorrow. Hopefully I will have places to put all the stuff.
I need to get the garage setup to hold the old fridge/washer/dryer for a few days (wed some folks I donated them to are coming by to pick them up).
Looking forward to having a nice fridge that has a ice maker. 🙂

In geek news, I have been running low on disk space on my mp3/dvd machine due to ripping lots of dvd’s to disk (it’s a great deal easier to watch things when you don’t have to deal with stupid disks), so I decided to build up a big RAID setup. It just so happens that Best Buy has 400GB drives on sale right now, so I ordered 5 of them. Going to stick them all in a RAID-5 setup (which should give me 1.6TB). That should keep me in disk space for a while. I am currently using about .6TB, so it should be quite a bit more room.

Here’s some kitty pictures I took last night and this morning:

Kitty at the house our role playing game was at last night (she has a foot fetish):


Bitty this morning surveying her domain from the top of the crate:

bitty lords over all