Well, went up to CSU this morning for my appointment there. I thought I was going to be late with all the traffic and stuff on I25, but I managed to make it just about right on time. CSU is a teaching vet center, so first I had 2 students check us in and get all the history and such. One of them looked at said she had met both Twyla and me before.
We figured out that it was a few years ago when Twyla was in a behavior class that she took. 🙂 Twyla was very happy for all the attention.
After they got all the information, they went and presented to the on-call staff doctor. He came in and we discussed options.
Really there weren’t many, here’s the plan:
– Twyla is staying at CSU today and tonight.
– They are going to do a full blood panel and look at her kidney values (She had been on kidney meds for a long time)
– They are going to do some more x-rays and see if there are any signs of cancer in the lungs.
– They are going to do a ‘Bone scan’. Basically give her some radioactive junk that attracts to signs of heavy cellular activity and shows up. This will tell us if there are any tumors on other legs, or somewhere else.

If all that looks good, they are going to amputate her left front leg tomorrow. My vet could have done it down here, but they mentioned that they do about 2 a week up there and really know how to do it. with any luck, she will get to come home tomorrow night.

Then, after recovering from that (10-14 days) and getting her stiches out, we will do some Chemo. The drug of choice is a thing called ‘cisplantin’, but it’s very hard on the kidneys, so there are two others that we might use, or even a combo of both.

I have heard back on the x-rays (no visible tumors aside from the leg one). Hurray!
I have heard back on the blood work (slightly high values on a few things, but within the acceptable range). Hurray!
I should hear back on the bone scan later tonight.

Wish her a safe and uneventfull surgery tomorrow.

UPDATE 16:46: The bone scan results are back, and the only thing showing in it is the cancer on her leg. Thats a good sign. Hurray!