Well, I managed to get a number of things done around the house today… very productive:

  • Cleaned out and moved 2 bookshelves from my bedroom. I threw out an entire shelf of floppy discs I had saved over the years.
  • Cleaned out and dusted the two large cases of dvd’s and vhs tapes downstairs.
  • Cleaned and dusted all the stuff on the mantle place
  • I foolishly didn’t buy my laptop with bluetooth in it, so I finally picked up a bluetooth/modem card for it and installed it this weekend. Very nice to use the bluetooth headset and not have to plug in a USB dongle
  • Put all my cd’s (long since ripped) into the guest room closet. Lots of space in there. 🙂
  • Cleaned, put out all the trash, etc

Since I have been dealing with my Fathers estate it’s made me realize how easy it is for junk to pile up. Best toss it out before it gets too bad.