It’s been a pretty quiet week here. Just a few fun things to report:

Last saturday I got to go drive down to Canon City, CO and pick up some greyhounds in a shelter there. It was quite a pile of driving, but at least I got them out and into our greyhound group where they can find good homes. They were 2 very cute, little (45ish lbs) brindle girls. I’m sure they will have no problems finding good homes.

Got home in time to clean up and have a BBQ. Small turnout (as usual), but quite fun. good conversation, good food, and good times.

Tonight we are having a wonderfull snow storm (welcome to spring in the rockies). On my way back from HackingSociety up in boulder, I ran into problems on hwy 36 on the way back. Traffic almost stopped. When I managed to crawl up to the front of the line I found there was a poor rear wheel drive car that wasn’t able to make it up the hill due to the ice. The guy got out and asked me to push him, so I did. It was kinda fun to use the suburban to push another car around.