Just got back late last night from my annual turkey hunting trip. It was a blast as usual. Got to hang out with friends I don’t see to often anymore and hike and relax in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico.
The turkey’s sure didn’t cooperate this year however: We only heard one tom gobble at us, and he must have caught sight of us coming in and spooked, because we never saw him. This is by far the worst year we have had out there in the many many years we have been going. Perhaps we will have to try another location next year.
The river was very high, which meant getting wet crossing it a lot, although we did manage to construct a tree based bridge near our camp.
So, the typical hunting schedule looks something like this: Get up at 5:45am or so. Get dressed and go hike around rough country with a heavy shotgun. Get back to camp around 10am or so to have breakfast and purify water and so forth. Then around 5pm or so head out for more hunting, get back around 8:30 or 9 and have dinner and then pass out. Pretty busy times and I have no idea how far I have hiked in the last few days.