Well, my thinkpad order shows “in process”. The email I got right after ordering it estimated a ship date of May 12th. Hope it shows up before that. There’s nothing worse than waiting for new toys to arrive. Jafo wrote up a nice review of the T42p, just like the one I am waiting on.

My Hewlaq laptop got shipped off to HP to fix tuesday and they got it today. No telling how long it will take them to fix the LCD on it. Again it would be nice if it was soon, but no telling.

The old old laptop I am using in the mean time is still anoying and small and slow, but I did get it upgraded to Fedora Core 3, so it’s running modern software at least. It took about 10 hours of ‘yum update’ to upgrade it, but everything pretty much works fine on it now (including wireless, so I can roam around again).