Well, another week gone by and not many updates. A few random things going on:

Our yearly family gathering thing is still not set in stone, but it’s getting close at least. It’s my year
to set things up. At first I wanted to meet up in durango, so I found a few likely places that would
meet our requirements. However, it’s far and high for my dad, so it was time to go to plan B and
find someplace near tucson. After some digging around on the net I found
The Esplendor Restort thats only about 30min
from my dads place. Still waiting for everyone to sign off on that place and then we will make reservations.

Overall I have been happy using KDE on my laptop, but there was an anoying bug that has crept
in somewhere. If I open a bunch of things in firefox or otherwise make firefox busy, KDE goes into the weeds
and stops listening to me until firefox is done. So, partially for that and partially because it’s fun to tinker
with things, I switched my laptop over to use
XFCE. It’s pretty nice so far. Very lightweight and fast. The only thing
I really miss so far is that with KDE I could make it give me a visual bell (invert the desktop) on a beep.

I was going to go ride my bike today because it was so nice, but then I remembered that the back brakes
had stopped working last weekend on my bikeride. I really need to take it in and get it looked at
before I go anywhere with it again.