I picked up a new foster dog yesterday while I was at the
meet-n-greet for
Colorado Greyhound Companions. He’s
Petey, a 80+ lb boy. He had a blast at
the petsmart. Wagging his tail and wanting to be petted by everyone. So far in the house he’s done
pretty darn well. No accidents at all, eating well, goes in the crate fine, gets along great with the other
dogs, corrects well (listens to “no”). On the downside he’s still a bit too interested in the cat when
she runs or otherwise walks right in front of him, he keeps trying to get on the couch, and he pulls
somewhat on walks. I left him for about 20min the other day and he didn’t seem to have any issues.
As soon as he gets that he’s not supposed to chase/bother the cat, he should be all happy.
He’s a very happy, always wagging his tail sort of dog.

I need to do a few things to get read for my
anti super bowl party.
No idea how many folks are going to show up, but I guess we will see.