Just got back a bit ago from Fort Collins, where I had a bike ride with L.

By my estimation we rode between 20 and 20.5 miles. In many places the trail was in very nice shape and
pretty much avoided having to cross roads. There were a few sections where the pavement had gotten
cracks and they had filled it with cement, and then the cement crumbled or settled or otherwise didn’t
do much of a good job at all. Those parts were kinda bumpy. We rode down Sping Creek to the Poudre river trail
and then up that to downtown. Time for a quick lunch, and then back the same way we came.

The weather started out very nice, but then clouds came in and it rained a bit. It was pretty cool on
the way back up. It was a nice ride though. It got me out of the house. Of course now my butt hurts. 🙂