Well, the beboxes are sold, paid for and shipped out. Got $760 for them, which isn’t too bad I guess.
I looked at my old email and I paid $2000 for the revision 5 one in 1995, and then another $495 for
the revision 6 one in 1996. Oh well, computers are a lousy investment. At least I got them to someone
who should have fun playing with them and they are out of my house. I need to try and ebay something
every week and clear out junk I never use.

Went to a
Asylum Street Spankers
show last night. It was at the Cervantes Ballroom, which is a pretty large venue for them. The Cervantes
web site said the show was at 9, so I got there about 9:30. Never fear, the opening band didn’t go on until 10ish.
I had a nice talk with the base player before the show. He remembered me from when the band stayed at
my house last year. The opening act was a local group called “Honeysuckle Rose”. They were not bad.
The washboard player had a outstanding voice. They played some bluegrass type stuff and some more
rocky stuff as well. The spankers went on around 11:20 or so. They had a few new songs that were nice.
They did a Oingo Boingo cover which was nice, and of course all the old standbys were there. I picked up
their new live cd and wammo’s new solo one. They stopped playing around 2am or so.

They are playing up in boulder tonight, but not sure I want to go. It would be fun, but I really need
to get some sleep sometime. Sunday is also my anti-superbowl party (anyone reading this is welcome),
so I should try and get ready for that as well.

I find flashes anoying at shows, so here are some really
dark and blurry pictures of the evening.