Another day, another
This time it was
Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns), the story
of They Might be Giants. It was a pretty dry and documentary like documentary. Not a bad way to
while away some time if you like They Might Be Giants, but otherwise it probibly won’t hold your
interest. The most anoying thing about it was that it was mixed very anoyingly I thought. The music
was about 2x the volume of the spoken interviews. So, you would crank it up to hear what they were
saying and then get your ears blasted off by the next musical number.

And just so it doesn’t move off my journal pages as being the past month, I will re-iterate:

Just a few more days left on my bebox auction. Only one bid so far. It’s a great deal on computer
history. 🙂 Tell anyone who might be interested:

bebox(es) auction on ebay.

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