Well, not too bad a weekend. Friday night was most excellent. Saturday
and Sunday I mostly got caught up on stuff around the house. In
no particular order: Laundry, vacuuming, taking out trash,
taking out doggie doo, moving around computer power supplies,
getting test computer working again and re-installed, mowing,
part of the deck treated with water seal, and probibly a bunch
more things I can’t remember doing now.

Earlier tonight went up to ft fun and helped the
greyhound group
bring another 5 dogs in from kansas. Got them looked over and parceled
out. I got a new foster girl… her name is jessica. She’s a
very cute little greyhound. She is very much on the shy
side. She is totally uninterested in the cat (which is
good). She does have a few injuries tho. A nasty cut on her
back leg and a dew claw that is really pulled and probibly
will need to get removed. She put up with my bandaging her
reasonably well. When I got home from picking her up merlin
had managed to lick a small cut on his paw and turn it into
a nasty bloody wound. Luckily I had all the stuff from
bandaging up Jessica and wrapped up his paw to keep him from
licking it. He is definitely a dog that licks any wound
making it much worse.

This next week should be a pretty busy one. Fair bit of things going
on work wise,
CLUE North meeting on monday,
Hopefully D&D game on tuesday night, Might take merlin down
to therapy dog class Wed night, thursday night is hacking
society, and then next Sunday we might be renting a press
and making cider from all the apples on my apple tree.