Friday night was a pretty delightfull night. Went up to boulder at 6pm
to bottle beer. It was a very nice mellow brown ale we made 2
weeks ago. We were all there and bottling at 6 and done byt
around 7ish.

Then, after a quick stop back by my place to let the dogs out, it was
downtown to
Buca Di Beppo
for a birthday gathering for
sgailean and
other folks that have birthdays this week. There was a pretty
nice group for dinner. Amazingly we managed to order just
exactly the correct amount of food. Everything was eaten and
everyone said they were full. Lots of wine, good conversation
and dessert.

After dinner most folks went on a pub crawl/wander around downtown. We
stopped at an “irish” pub, but it was very loud and everyone
there was drinking buckets of corona. We decided to leave. Then,
off to a russian vodka bar. We had a very nice time there. The
crazed russian host got us a vodka menu and served us
forthwith. The texas vodka that rise wanted was not too bad, the
honey vodka was quite good, and the black rasberry was pretty
understated. We had a nice time sitting on the patio and talking
and drinking vodka. Around 12:30 I decided to wander home and
get back to the dogs. All in all a very nice evening.