Nice saturday so far here. I went out to petsmart and ran a meet-n-greet for
Colorado Greyhound Companions
It was pretty amazingly dead there. Not nearly as many people as there
normally are. It could be a bunch of people are off on summer
vacations or something. We did get to see Jackson the great dane
(one of my dog Kurt’s favorate dogs in the world).

After getting back from that around 2pm, I headed down to the ren
faire site to pick up benches and anything else that was left at
the booth. Traffic was abysmal. Took me about 1.5 hours to get
down to the faire site. At 8am during the run of faire I was
managing around 45-55min. They had a bunch of signs up saying
“Festival is over, go away, no tresspassing”. Kind of makes me
wonder how many people they have that show up the weekend after
closing and wander in. “There wasn’t anyone selling tickets at
the front, so we just went in. Where can we buy a bugwiser?” Got
the benches all loaded, and found that there was several things
of trash that didn’t get tossed on closing day. Its a good thing
I picked them up, as they really attract the rats.

Now, on to an evening of drinking and watching audo-visual
entertainment and vegging.