Weekend recap:

Friday: Just relaxed around the house and got ready for faire. Very
very late friday night the taylors showed up from New
Mexico. Got them settled in and passed out.

Saturday: Got a nice solid 6 hours sleep or so. The Taylors were off
to a wedding up in estes park, so I headed down to the faire
around 8am or so. Got to the booth around 9 or 9:15 or
so. Walking from the car to the booth was pretty difficult. Had
the 3 hounds on leash, my cooler, and a 20lb box of 2000
brochures for the booth. Finally made it up the hill and got the
booth setup. Opening cannon went off and I was the only one
there for a while. It did manage to get better after a
while. Had 6 other people at various times throughout the
day. Managed to scrape up enough people to walk in the parade,
but I had to carry the banner. So far this year I had managed to
avoid the parade. 🙂 Around 4pm or so a thunderstorm came in,
and boy do I mean thunder. There was a lightning strike in the
festival, and man was it loud. Many of the dogs jumped up, but
Twyla just woke up and then went back to sleep. Got the booth
put away and money gathered and headed home. Got in around 8pm
or so. The taylors got in around 11pm from the wedding reception
and we all passed out.

Sunday: Got up nice and early and out the door around 8:20 or so. Had
a pretty nice drive down to the festival with the taylor family
and hounds all loaded into my suburban. It’s nice having a large
car for such things. Got into the booth around 9:40 or so and
there were already folks there. Got all setup and then wandered
off with the taylors to see the faire. This is the first time
this year I have really had time to go and walk around and see
the booths and do shopping, etc. It was very nice. Had a good
long day of faire, and got home around 8pm again. We ordered
some delivery sushi and thai food then and fed the kids pizza.
Overall a very nice day.

Here are some
pictures of sundays ren faire.