A new day of full on slacking:

Got up super early to meet the family for breakfast at
7:30ish. Another fine all you can eat buffet. I am going to have
to stop eating next week and try and loose some of the many
pounds I have likely gained. After breakfast some folks went off
to play golf. I had proposed a hike, but got no takers so I went
back to plan B… which was going back to my room and going back
to sleep.

Got up and meet up with folks at our home base room and my cousin had
showed up. It was very nice to visit with her for a while. After
that we went down and did more pool lounging and pina colada
drinking. I got into the “cold” pool there (probibly 50-60
degrees… it felt wonderfull). Unfortunately my water proof
watch failed its waterproofness and managed to get water into
the watch. The electronic part totally died. Time for a new
watch it looks like. ;(

A big dinner and then watching fireworks. They had fireworks here for
about an hour. They got kinda dull after about 15minutes because
they were the same 2 or 3 types. The finale was pretty
impressive, but not sure it was worth the wait. On the way down
to the pool from dinner we saw a family of javalina (piggies)
wandering by. About 5 or 6 adults and 2-3 little piglets. They
were gone before I could get a picture since it was already

Tomorrow I head back home. I have to get up and meet my brother in law
for a ride at 7am. Yuck. Oh well, at least I will get home
around noon so I can have some time to relax there.