Man, it’s really quite warm out. I am so glad I got A/C installed a
few years ago. I would be melting if I didn’t have A/C. I made
the mistake today of taking the dogs for a walk around 3pm. Kurt
kept pulling toward every tree that had any shade, and twyla
would go over and lay down and not want to get up again. Not
that I blame them any, they are smarter than me. We had a small
cottontail run out from under a car in front of us on the way
back. Twyla and kurt could care less, but merlin wanted to
chase. Here you can (sorta) see
merlin grinning.

In other news the taylors are coming into town tomorrow. It will be
nice to see them all again. I should be out at the faire all
weekend, but man is it going to be rough. We are extemely short
staffed on saturday especially. No time out of the booth for
me. ;(