Headed out to the airport around 6pm and made it there with a good
deal of time to spare, which was good, as I had to park in the
Mt. Elbert lot which is really really far from anywhere. Checked
in and went through security, which as usuall I managed to have
to be wanded. No idea what set it off, but it always seems to
happen to me. My plane was leaving from gate B61. This is the
gate on the very farthest end of the B concourse. After walking
for quite some time I made it there with about 15min to spare
before boarding. Walking past the guy at the gate, we went down
a long passageway, down some stairs, around a corner and then
finally outside accross the tarmac to the steps leading up to
the plane. It was then that I realized that I had booked a
United flight “run by mesa airlines”. It was a pretty small jet,
but reasonably comfy. Got into tucson about 10min early and met
my sister. After a quick pickup of my bag we drove up to the
resort. It’s a pretty posh place (good thing we are getting
really good rates on the rooms). The wireless here is $10/day,
but I don’t mind paying that too much as the rooms are so
cheap. Time to pass out.