Recap of the last few days:

Monday was the
CLUE North
meeting. It was a nice time. Efm gave a talk on Linux distributions
that was well received and then a group went over to the
cb potts
and had beers and snacks and conversation. They are a good group of
folks. I need to remind myself to go to the meetings now that
they are really close to my house.

Tuesday and Wed were both pretty relaxing. Not much going on. Tuesday
night was supposed to be the first session in the D&D game that
is just starting up, but it turns out it’s not good schedule
wise this week. Everyone but me is going to meet up thursday and
make up characters and such and then we will have the first
session on tuesday next week.

Need to get ready for this weekend’s trip. I am heading out friday
night for tucson and coming back monday morning. We are having a
family gathering with the whole family at
Westin La Paloma Resort
in Tucson. (Warning: tons of anoying flash). Should be a nice easy
going time.