Last night at
hacking society
I upgraded my laptop to the shiny new
fedora core 2 release.
The update itself went fine. It used all 4 of the binary cd’s (I have
a ton of stuff installed on my laptop, I suspect I did a
everything install last time I installed it). The little
splashscreen was pretty boring, there was only one, so not much
to watch while it upgraded.

After the upgrade completed I rebooted and found my first issue. It
had upgraded to the new kernel and removed all my old custom
kernels. I compile my own kernels so I can add in software
suspend2 for my laptop. Luckily, I have all my old kernels as
rpms on the laptop. So, I booted single user and re-installed my
custom kernel and booted from that.

Next issue was the firmware wasn’t loading for my wireless card. Had
to modify the /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent file to make sure and
look in /sys instead of /sysfs. I should submit that as a bug to
the script. Got that working and back on the net.

KDE fired right up, but anoyingly still has the inability to remap the
windows key. I spent probibly several hours playing with
keyboard layouts and xmodmap, and pretty much nothing I did
worked. The Windows key is mapped to pop up the KDE menu, and
thats what it will do. I used to have it mapped to allow me to
use the windows key and the arrows to switch desktops, but not
anymore. Finally gave up and started trying to get myself to use
control-alt-arrows instead. ;(

For some reason the font I was using in xemacs looked like junk under
the new release. Spent a while looking at fonts. Finally settled
for lucida-typewriter for now. Still not great, but will do.

Everything else worked fine from the upgrade. Very smooth. Probibly
one of the easier ones I have ever done. Good work fedora