You ever have “one of those days”? I don’t usually. Most of the time I
have nice mellow days where I work on things that are fun to
work on and enjoy the company of my dogs and listen to my
music. Today was not a mellow day.

The other day my mp3/dvd entertainment machine’s main drive decided to
die a painfull death. Luckily it was only the OS disk and had no
mp3’s or movies on it. So, I quickly looked over
to see what place had the best deal on a drive. Turned out to be
bestbuy. Ran over and picked up a new drive and put it in the
machine and re-installed it. Got things mostly resetup. That was
yesterday. This morning I awoke to the machine being locked up
tighter than a drum, so no music. Lots of work stuff going on,
so I didn’t have time to mess with it. I had forgotten how
Really really bad radio is. It’s mostly commercials. If
they are playing music it’s something you have heard about 1000
times. ;(

So, finally got some time to work on the mp3 box and then a gigantic
gust of wind came thru the back yard. This wind managed to pick
up my glass topped table on my deck and shatter it into about
100000 peices. So, out with a snowshovel and a broom to try and
pick it up before the dogs got cut. Managed to mostly get it,
but some of the glass fell thru the slats in the deck and wedged
in there. Hope they stay there.

Finally got the mp3 machine working and music back. Had a nice
beer. Had a nice dinner (cheesey rice and cajan chicken breast)
and was just thinking about what movie to watch or the like when
a client calls with an emergency. I try and call them back and
my cell phone doesn’t seem to want to work right. It says
“calling…” but after waiting for about 2minutes it’s clear
it’s not going to get past that to the point where it’s
“connected”. After a while get it all sorted and now it’s time
for bed. What a day.