So, we have had our rav4 prime almost 4 months now, and I thought I would post an update.

TLDR: Really happy with the car overall and am enjoying driving it

On economy: the ‘guess o meter’ now shows 52mi range on a “full” charge. I end up getting real world right around 50, or a tad below. I did realize from driving in EV mode to town and back a lot that it’s actually downhill into town, so I use about 4mi or so less range that going from town back home due to regenerative braking and less uphill. My long errand run (when shopping for my mother in law the next town over) ends up being about 50-51miles round trip, so I end up switching to HV mode the last mile or two, but thats just fine with me. I don’t have to care that I don’t quite have enough ev range and try and charge on the way or worry about making it.

On gas usage, we got the car with a full tank from the dealer, and we used a fair bit of that up at first with a number of trips to portland and back and to the coast and back. I topped off the tank about 3 months ago and… its at about 3/4 of a tank now. I guess I should run in HV mode some more to use up gas before it goes stale. 🙂

The car came with a 1 month trial of sat radio, which we never used. I just play music from my phone via bluetooth and sometimes we listen to local radio. That said, the sat radio people really really want us to subscribe. I think I have an email from them every other day, they have actually called me on the phone, the car when you switch to radio defaults to a ‘sat radio sample’ channel. It’s a bit anoying. Hopefully they will get the hint.

I wish there was a bit more data history in the car. For example, when you stop somewhere it displays a trip report type of thing, which is great, but if you happen to not look at it, or don’t look quickly, it’s gone and you can never see it again. I’d love for that to be a list you can look through with time, avg speed, avg kwH/mi, gal/mi, etc. If you have a charging schedule it also displays a thing about that, making the trip report being displayed even shorter.

Just loving all the lazy things: automatic wipers, automatic lights, automatic bright lights, automatic door unlock on putting you hand on the handle with the key on you, etc.

Overall, quite happy and hopefully this will last us many many years until EV’s are super great.