It’s continued to be a bit of a rocky trail of late for rawhide.

The last 6 composes have failed due to:

  • 2018-04-03: New xorg-x11-server landed (1.20). However, tigervnc and xorg-x11-drv-vesa were not rebuilt for it yet, the broken deps caused the failure.
  • 2018-04-04: Same as 03, but the right folks fixed things this day.
  • 2018-04-05: pykickstart dropped python2-kickstart subpackage, which is needed by python2-img which is needed by appliance-creator. Untagged pykickstart for now.
  • 2018-04-06: The kde live media ran out of space.
  • 2018-04-07: The kde live media ran out of space. Bumped up the space slightly to allow it to (hopefully) complete.

I am looking forward to next week when we hope to get things setup for some gating in rawhide. I know it couldn’t handle all these issues, but it’s a start and we can add things as we know how to detect them in advance.