Greetings everyone! Lots of news from the rawhide trail this time:

Astute observers will note that from 2018-02-04 until 2018-02-17 there were no (success-full) rawhide composes. This was due to a long line of issues, problems, new packages, changes and just bad luck, including, but not limited to:

  • New pypkickstart that broke livemedia-composer
  • New pykickstart that broke appliance-creator
  • New libevent that bumped SO, requiring everything using it to be rebuilt but…
  • GCC8 issues with chromium (and also qt5-qtwebengine) that prevented them from being rebuit for the libevent bump.
  • Ongoing issue with armv7 composers getting stuck in mkfs.ext4 on composes, requiring manual intervention to continue the compose.
  • General broken deps after the mass rebuild that broke some (release blocking) live composes.
  • system-config-printer pulling in a PackageKit subpackge, which broke the Xfce live due to it excluding PackageKit*
  • rng-tools, which was broken in the past and untagged, but the mass rebuild rebuilt it again due to the maintainer not cleaning it up yet.
  • Probably other things I am forgetting.

In order to help out all the folks working on fixing things we are trying out a ticket system to track failed composes. See the proof of concept version at: I think this already is helping coordinate and communicate breakage. Hopefully we will get it polished up and made “official” soon.

Of course some of the above compose issues were due to the mass rebuild, which happened a few weeks ago. Things seemed to take longer than in the past, I think due to not committing as quickly as it had in the past. Hopefully we can fix that.

Also, today we are at another milestone: Fedora 28 is branching off rawhide. Rawhide will continue on it’s trail to Fedora 29. Do make sure you know what path you want to follow and that your machine(s) are taking that path. If you do nothing you should end up on Fedora 28 branched and follow it to release.

Gnome was briefly broken in rawhide, but quickly fixed by a new gnome-session build. Thanks gnome maintainers for quickly fixing things up!

The kernel has moved on to 4.16 pre releases in rawhide. Early (before rc1) releases here had no networking with the ath10k card I have in my laptop (it would just never see any wireless networks). After rc1 however things are mostly back to normal. The ath10k is a bit flaky, but mostly works.

Finally, on a personal note, one of my dogs has had major surgery and a long slow road to recovery. I’ve started a gofundme to help defray his massive medical bills. If you would like to donate, pass along or just look at some cute pictures of him, you can go here: