Last week (and part of this), I traveled out to lovely Brno, CZ for some Fedora Engineering meetings and then Overall it was a great trip!

On the way out (last sunday) I drove up to the portland arirport (about an hour), then plane from PDX to AMS (amsterdam) (about 10 hours), where I met up with Patrick and we both were on a flight from there to PRG (prague)(about 2hours). Then it was a train from Prague to Brno (about 2.5hours) and a deep sleep at the hotel.

Since many of the folks in Fedora Engineering were going to be coming out to, we decided to do some meeting up and discussing things to work on this coming year and to plan out a hackfest we are hoping to do in a few months. Look for more details on all of that, but in a nutshell:

  • We planned out things we could work on a a hackfest: which looks to be in early april.
  • We talked over ownership of some apps that are needing love and/or having team members move to other things.
  • We talked about plans for account system and where we would like to be.
  • We talked about gating packages in rawhide. We came up with somewhat of a plan, but needs some work/discussion for sure, look for more details soon.
  • We talked about some apps we want to just drop or move to another service, etc.

Look for more news on all of those before we do anything about any of them.

Next was I was told how big and busy it was, but seeing it all was different. I went to a number of talks, some were pretty good, others just things I already knew. The short talks (23min) were kind of difficult, because it’s really hard to give someone much information in just 23min. You do a intro, discuss something and then it’s over. I was going to give a talk about using Fedora Modular server 27 in production, but since that didn’t ever happen to be released I gave my talk slot over to Stephen Gallagher to talk about the new modularity approach. The hallway track was very nice at… lots of Fedora contributors around to meet again and talk with. Had a bunch of production discssions with too many people to count. It will be interesting to see how the works out, it it’s as busy and vibrant.

Then all too soon it was time to pack back up and head home. I managed to get in tuesday afternoon, but promptly crashed for 14 hours. All in all a great trip!