Well, branching of Fedora 26 off rawhide has come and gone, and it was a bit of a rocky ride this time sadly.

The branched composes were failing at first, then working, but not actually syncing to the master mirrors in order for mirrormanager to notice it and people to you know, actually use it.

This time we tried to make sure both branched f26 and rawhide were signed the entire time by the right keys. They currently are, but sadly, there’s a old/obsolete/bad/nolonger used/no good/varmit of a Fedora 26 key thats in the fedora-release-25 package. So if you are trying to upgrade you may need to find/get the right f26 key before doing so. Also, the resigning meant that mirrors had to pull basically every package again, so it’s going to be a bit before everyone is synced up on rawhide and f26 content.

If you want to keep following Fedora 26 to it’s release, you need to run a ‘dnf repo-sync –releasever=26’ to make sure you have the right releases and repos. If you want to stay riding on the rawhide trail, you can just dnf update and should get the fedora-27 release and repos.

Until next time, ride safe.