Some recent gotchas in rawhide:

  • firefox doesn’t seem to compile correctly with gcc7 (and the optimization levels Fedora uses by default). The current rawhide version will install and run fine, but looks horrible. As a work around you can install a flatpak or a binary version from upstream or downgrade to firefox-51.0.1-2.fc26 from koji. This is tracked in:
  • A few weeks ago, python2-jinja2 was updated to 1.9.4, then 1.9.5. Unfortunately 1.9.4 broke ansible templating, and all the problems were not fixed by 1.9.5. As a consequence, ansible hasn’t been runable the last few weeks. Until today: I pushed ansible- into rawhide. This isn’t the final, but it hopefully fixes the jinja compatibility issues and gets rawhide ansible users back on track.
  • After my last post about composes failing due to an unsigned package, we ran into 3 other issues we had to fix to actually get a compose working: First, an nss update caused lorax to break. Turns out it was due to the mock chroot used not having /dev/urandom and nss noq requires that to be there. Next was the rdma-core package breaking things. It was untagged a while back to fix, but then the mass rebuild rebuilt it again and it got pushed out again. Finally policycoreutils-python started pulling a ton of more deps which broke the minimal installer chroot.
  • Even after we now have composes, livecd’s are not working due to an anaconda bug: Hopefully we will have a fix for that soon and livemedia will be back.
  • There was a pungi bug preventing the ostree composes working, there’s a proposed fix for that one.
  • i386 images and media are all failing due to a weird dep solving issue where it says “will not install src.rpm”.

Lots of bugs, but we are moving forward on quashing them now. I am hoping we have some good composes later this week and then we can try and keep them that way.