Some more notes from the rawhide trail…

Astute readers may have noticed that there was a Mass Rebuild scheduled for last week ( Feb 1st) and it’s not yet happened. There were a few reasons for the delay: The gcc folks wanted a few more days to quash some more bugs in gcc 7.0 and additional time was allocated to a change in how debuginfo packages would be generated. Hopefully this rebuild will fire off tomorrow (the 7th) and result in a 1 week push in the Fedora 26 schedule. Just a reminder about Mass rebuilds: These are done in a side tag by an automated release engineering script. It simply uses the rpmdev-bumpspec script to increase the release tag by 1 and add a changelog entry about the mass rebuild and then initiate a build. Packages that fail to build will have FTBFS (Fails to build from source) bugs filed on them after the mass rebuild is over. There’s two weeks alloted to cleaning up and fixing these FTBFS bugs and any other fallout from the Mass Rebuild. If you are using rawhide, note that there will be a day after the Mass rebuild where most all of your packages will be updated. Allot extra time to download and upgrade on that day. The last Mass rebuild took around 1.5 days to complete. This one may be slower due to all the additional alternative arches we now have.

Another thing that needed to land before the Mass Rebuild was the targeted boost rebuild. This has completed and the side tag merged back into rawhide. Tomorrow’s rawhide should have a bunch of packages that use boost updated. There will also be a few that still need fixing for the new boost version by their maintainers.

After the mass rebuild is over and cleaned up after, we have the branching off of Fedora 26 from rawhide on the 28th, and then rawhide will march on to Fedora 27.