Greetings everyone, lets dive right into the latest changes in the rawhide world:

  • The Fedora 26 mass rebuild ran and finished last weekend. 16,352 successfull builds happened, along with around 1,000 that failed to build. Now we have a few weeks until we branch f26 off to fix things up.
  • The mass rebuild did disrupt signing of normal updates. Perhaps next mass rebuild we should look at standing up another set of signing servers to just sign the mass rebuild.
  • Composes for the last few days have failed. Turns out its due to an unsigned package. But how could that happen? We passed all the builds through the regular signing process. Turns out when builds were tagged in, there were a few builds that overrode newer versions already in rawhide, so releng ran a custom script to retag newer builds back in. However, there was a package where the maintainer built a new version, decided for some reason it was unusable and untagged it. Thats fine, but the custom script mistakenly tagged this “newer” build in and it was long enough ago that it’s signature was removed. Just a short note here about “newer”: koji has no concept of package versions. To koji if you ask for all the ‘newest’ builds in a tag, it will give you the most recently tagged ones. This importantly has nothing at all to do with the package-epoch-version-release, thats just not on a level koji knows or cares about.